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13 December 2013

Rational Archives

I was watching Futurama last night and couldn't help but laugh at one of their subtle Math jokes. Shortly after a small alien invades Earth and is looking around at what building he should destroy the scene briefly hangs on a view of the Rational Archives (a joke in itself), where we see a banner, "22/7: Fool's Pi."

Firstly, I couldn't help but double check their approximation,

06 November 2013

The euclidean algorithm can be used to calculate greatest common divisors from a group of numbers. It can be implemented recursively using subtraction or division. We'll have a look at trying out both of those methods in Clojure, as well as how to do it using a functional operator. We'll also make the function work for 2 or more arguments.

01 November 2013


First of all don't use emacs. It will cripple every editor (with slight exception to vim) you come across in the future. You will never come across an IDE and think to yourself this is awesome, simply because you know the editor it has will never meet emacs in raw power.

But that's not all, if you do accidently use emacs, whatever you do don't use org-mode. It's a productivity tool to end all productivity tools. It has a decent learning curve and a boatload of functionality that you just can't find in other tools. And it's all for working on plaintext files.